About Us

About Us

Suited & Savvy is a digital media platform that allows young professional women to trade wisdom and insights to learn from each other’s experiences in the professional world!  The idea is that everyone has the ability to mentor regardless of what stage you are at in your career.  Learning from VPs and CEOs provides immeasurable value, but hearing accounts from women who are discovering, growing, and climbing that corporate ladder right alongside you can prove to be a powerful resource.

We started out as a group of women trading stories and making connections.  We shared the notes we wrote in the margins, and now we’re sharing them with you! This forum will feature blogs, interviews from professionals just like (and also not at all like) you, reviews, and connections to important resources that might help you along your way.

We’ve been told to lean in at work. We’ve been told to say yes to everything. But no one talks about the things we experience every day . Few people talk about office politics (ie./the chess game), how to show up when you’re over shadowed, and how to balance what you want in a career with what you’ve got going on in your personal life.  Stay tuned to uncover the things no one told you about this dynamic corporate world. Philosophies, revelations, Aha! Moments, and the things we should have said! All here. All for you.

Climbing the corporate ladder with a little bit of wit and a whole lot of wonder.