5 Books every professional women should add to their summer reading list

The summer seems to be swiftly slipping away, but there’s still time for that beach getaway or lake-side relaxation. And what does every woman need while catching some sun or spending hours in a hammock? A great book!

Check out Suited and Savvy’s recommendation for 5 great books that will energize you in the workplace but won’t put you to sleep on vacation!

  1. Have you ever wondered if you’re left or right brained? A Whole New Mind explains the difference between the two and shows the importance of tapping into design, empathy, and play during work.  And guess what ladies. Women’s minds are more guided towards right-brain traits which means we should be leveraging our innate wiring as a necessary strength in the current world of work!
    Image result for A whole new mind
  2. Let’s face it. Sometimes Shark Week is every week in the corporate world, which is why by title alone, I love Harvey Mackay’s  Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive.  This book has tips on negotiating, sales, and puts common business problems into a common-sense guide. If you’re in sales, this is a great read that will show you how to engage your prospective customers and differentiate yourself (note: even if not by title, we’re all saleswomen!                                                                                                                                        Image result for swim with the sharks without being eaten alive
  3. I’ve never read a book by Malcolm Gladwell that didn’t like. He pushes the limits on  thinking by research and beautiful storytelling.Image result for Outliers  Outliers: The Story of Success is a must-read. This book tells the path many successful business professionals, corporations, and brands took to arrive at success and proves that success is more heavily weighted towards seizing opportunity and circumstances presented early on in life. It’s a fascinating read.
  4. Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking

by Susan Cain, is such a delightful read.  This world is so…loud! We’re told to sell ourselves at every moment (elevators, board rooms, social media), but what about those people who are the listeners? What those who work with their heads down and dislike self-promotion? Well Susan Cain’s book shows the value of introverts and shows just what we’d lose by culturally forcing introverts into what she calls the “Extrovert Ideal”. There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert…at all. And after reading Cain’s book, you’ll start to embrace what introverts have to offer.

5. And finally, the honorable mention goes to Unfinished Business: Women Men Work Family. My mentor gave me this book and I’m reading it for the second time (no wonder it’s been named one of the best books by The Washington Post, NPR and The Economist).

This book tells Anne-Marie Slaughter’s story of pursuing professional goals while  breaking free of her long-standing assumptions about work, life, and family. The book highlights how equality in work doesn’t actually exist and focuses on ways that both men and women can advance and thrive. There are parts of the book that ignore exclusivity, economic differences in society, and privilege, but the way Slaughter identifies the missing puzzle pieces, develops action plans and tells a very personal story is arguably what the kind of dialogue we should be having about whether or not professional women can truly “have it all”.


For more fantastic reads, check out this article by @salubriusdish featuring 22 books for business and life!


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