10 Items To Re-Energize Your Office Space

Feel like you’re stuck in a rut at work? Try sprucing up your office space! Decorating your office with pictures and super cute office supplies can make your 9-5 fly by.

  1. Marble mouse pad can bring some shine and sparkle to your desk.
  2. Did you know if you write down goals reminders in a super cute weekly planner, you’re 40% more likely accomplish it?!
  3. Now that you have something to write on, you need something to write with. Nothing makes me happier than writing with color. Check out these felt tip pens to help you take notes and maybe make some fun doodles.
  4. Want to spread some cheer throughout the office? Leave your coworkers one of these High Five notes to let them know they’re doing a good job.
  5. We all know how terrible sitting on your booty all day is for you! Get one of these to switch up your sitting posture and improve ab stabilization.
  6. This super cute all in one kit has everything you need: a few cute pens, pencil cup, scissors…Oh My! The best part is that it comes in rose gold…aka the color of the moment.
  7. Need some more luxe in your office to remind yourself that you ARE living that glamorous life? Get yourself this HUGE diamond pen to write memos the way a true queen would.
  8. A plant can add some color and life to your office space. If you’re not exactly a green thumb, try starting with something that cannot die!
  9. Now let’s not kid ourselves, sometimes you just need some caffeine in cute mug to get through those Check out some of our favorite mugs.
  10. When caffeine just isn’t enough, it’s helpful to look around your office and see some pick me ups. Display some pictures of you and your friends on that girl’s trip to Italy, some art work, or some inspirational



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