Seven Activities for Summer 2017

Taking time off to recharge is important to jump back into your career focus. Kick off summer time with some of our favorite activities!

  1. Check out the How I Built This podcast. Guy Raz, from NPR, interviews entrepreneurs and innovators who built some of our favorite companies and brands. Raz asks enticing interview questions to understand the entrepreneurs success, failures, and lessons learned.Some of our favorites include the feature on Kate and Andy Spade and Drybar’s Alli Web.
  2. Read You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life. Now here me out, is classified as a ‘self help’ book? Yes. Should you read it anyways? Yes! What do you have to lose. Self help books are always getting a bad rap but Jen Sincero’s approaches this book is an entertaining way. In between her own personal stories of success and failures she offers some simple exercises and advice to put yourself in a badass mood!
  3. Summer is the perfect time to wear some super cute summer dresses! Whether the occasion is for a wedding, the beach, or work, there is dress out there for you!
  4. Appreciate the great outdoors! Take a long stroll along the beach (in your cute new summer dress), attend a music festival, hake a picnic in the park, learn to paddle board, surf, or kayak. Outdoor actives are endless!
  5. Find your local farmers market. Pick some juicy cherries. Make cherry pie.
  6.  Netflix: Nothing screams summer quiet like sitting inside and bingeing some Netflix series! Just kidding…but if you haven’t already, check out some great TV everyone’s talking about. Some Netflix favorites include:
    • Dear White People: This series is based on the 2014 movie and can appeal to people of all backgrounds. The episodes explore hot topics from interracial dating to police brutality.
    • House of Cards and Orange is the New Black: Both series just premiered their 5th seasons. How do we even begin to recap the past four seasons of either show?! Check out these links to remind yourself of all the trials and tribulations.
    • Master of None: The second series starts off with the main character Dev’s, Aziz Ansari, birthday in Italy. Throughout the season you learn more about Dev’s romantic and career aspirations and trajectory. Isn’t that something every Millennial is experiencing? Minus the birthday celebrations in Italy #salty
  7. Take some time to create a professional rolodex. Do you have a bunch of random business cards scattered around your desk? I’m sitting here looking at five business cards right now! Create a spreadsheet to save all of that information. The great thing about a spreadsheet, is that you can add as much information as you want! List the obvious (name, contact information, and organization) but also list something unique about the person (their professional interest, date of contact, etc.)

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