12 Keys to Staying Productive During the Day

It’s February of 2017. How are your resolutions coming along? Are you keeping up with them? Do you need to re-energize? We’re here to help! Troy Delaney, creator of Evolved Natural Solutions, partnered with Suited & Savvy to share some tips and tricks to staying energized throughout the day.

Staying productive and energized each day can seem challenging and even overwhelming. But there are simple things you can do every day that can have a huge impact on what and how much you get done.

First, let’s clear up the difference between effective and efficient. Effective is doing the right things whereas efficient is doing things the right way. Focus on being effective. Doing things well (efficient) does not make it important; focusing on the critical few and not the trivial many can pay dividends at the end of the day.

Start with the tips below. If you’re interested in learning more, check out these recommended readings:

  1. The Effective Executive
  2. The One Thing
  3. Essentialism


With these tips in hand, I challenge you to test a few of them out and see if your energy, productivity and focus increases. Do you get more done in less time? If you do become more effective, turn these tips into habits. If not, move on to a few others to test out.


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