Cultivating Career Confidence

Cultivating Career Confidence

     Cultivating Career Confidence

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The Home Stretch - #Last90days

Somehow, the universe conspired to accelerate time and we are coming up on the end of 2018! I know, it’s crazy right?  We’ve been so busy with day -to-day tasks that maybe we haven’t spent as much time on our goals, overall improvement, and development. Raise your hand if you’ve lost some of that New Year’s Resolution energy that you began the year with and need a jump start (sheepishly raises hand!)

But it’s not too late! We have roughly 90 days left in the year (okay…because of work and life, it’s less than that, but our hearts are in the right place) and we want to dedicate the #last90days to five goals to kick ass for the remainder of the year.

We introduce to you: Suited & Savvy’s Five to Thrive

Learn a New Skill - No, this doesn’t mean become an expert, but dedicate time to learning a new thing. Bonus points if that “new thing” is something that you can focus on building into your skill set for 2019.

Master Networking – When I think of mastering something, I think of total confidence. No one is perfect, but you can figure out your top 3 “go to” networking strategies and put them to use all of the time. Maybe your networking strategy is storytelling or attracting new people through personal connection. Whatever it is, identify it and RELY on it in your networking toolkit.

Practice Mindfulness – Say it with me…”BREATHE!” We work so hard and are constantly focusing on tasks and getting things done. But being present is so important. Commit to taking mindfulness breaks throughout your day. And if this is hard for you, there’s an app for that!

Craft Your Resume and Cover Letter – Look, you may have new job goals for next year, but so does pretty much everyone else. Get ahead of the game and get your resume and cover letter updated so you can just hit submit when the hiring begins.

Ask for Feedback – The end of the year often means end of the year reviews. Do not be caught off guard by feedback that you are hearing for the first time. Get ahead of the game and ask for feedback because if you’re lucky, you’ll still have an opportunity to act upon that feedback and course correct before the end of the year. Trust me, it always looks good to ask

We are committing to focus on giving you tools to impact these five things for the rest of the year. Will you commit with us? Use the hashtags #last90days and #fivetothrive and check back here soon (and our Instagram!) for more specific tips for ending 2018 on a positive note!

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