Cultivating Career Confidence

Cultivating Career Confidence

     Cultivating Career Confidence

Adding a bit of wit and wisdom to your day!

Finding Yourself

Typically when I introduce myself, I just say my name. But lately, I add a few letters to the end of my name. I add “I’m an ESFJ’, indicating my personality type. Each letter represents a different category and each category has two preference options.

How do you recharge?

Extroversion (E):through interacting with others and being active

Introversion (I):by being with a small group of people, through memories,  thoughts, and reflection

How do you gather and interpret information?

Intuition (N): through pattern recognition and thinking through a process

Sensing (S): through the use of your five senses (visual, tangible, audio)

How do you make decisions?

Feeling (F):by taking into consideration how other people will react

Thinking (T):by using deductive reasoning and applying an objective truth

How do you complete the task at hand?

Judging (J): through structure and organization

Perceiving (P): by being flexible and adapting to each situation that comes

There are many personality test out there but one of my favorites is the 16 Personalities test . This test asks you about 20 questions to gauge how you would respond in certain situations. On a scale from ‘Agree’ to ‘Disagree’, respond to “It is hard for me to introduce myself to strangers’. After completing the test, users are assigned to one of 16 personality types. The personality types are sorted into four categories based on two common preferences: Analyst, Diplomats, Sentinels, and Explorers. Go take the test and leave your personality type in the comment section below. Are the results accurate?!

Now that you’ve determined which personality type you are, I’m sure you’re wondering ‘What do I do with this information now? First, just explore the results. When I took the test, I immediately read through my entire profile highlighting phrases and ferociously shaking my head ‘yes’ in agreeance with what I was reading. One of my favorite parts of the profile is ‘(Your personality type)’s You May Know’ where they list fictional and nonfictional celebrities that match your personality type… I always knew I had a little  fierce Tyra Banks in me🙂

After the initial read, I focused in on the ‘Career Paths’ and ‘Workplace Habits’ sections. These sections were helpful for two main reasons: 1) it reassured me that I am in a career field well suited for my personality type – which involves human interaction, emotional feedback, and teamwork. And 2)  it helped me be aware and understand my weaknesses. When I read through these, it was like someone hit the nail on the head. One of my weaknesses, or ‘opportunities for improvement’ as I prefer to call it, is ‘vulnerable to criticism’. I can become very defensive if someone disagrees with me or suggests that I do something differently.

Story time: when I was in the first grade I brought home a report card. On the report card, my teacher wrote ‘she is very willing to help her classmates, but sometimes she helps without allowing her classmates to solve the problem on their own’ 6 year-old me was devastated! I think I cried all night. When I look back on that situation now, I think about how silly my parents must have thought I was but it’s also my first memory of being overly sensitive to criticism.

It isn’t enough to be aware of your faults but not take any action towards them. When  I receive criticism in my personal or professional life, I try to remind myself that the critic is coming from a place of help. What can you do to strengthen your weaknesses?

I suggested my work team take the 16 Personalities test to help understand each other’s work habits. Understanding our motives, strengths and weaknesses, and habits has allowed us to be a well functioning group that supports one another. Consider taking the 16 Personality test to better understand yourself and those around you.


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