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10 Places To Use Your Well Earned Vacation Days

Some of us at Suited & Savvy just got back from some pretty awesome vacations! Vacations are an opportunity to relax, recharge, and re-energize in addition to exploring new areas. So if vacations are all that and a bag of chips, why don't we cash in our vacation days?

According to a study by the U.S. Travel Association's "Project: Time Off," within the past 15 years, there has been an increase in Americans using their vacation days. Unfortunately, millennial women are less likely compared to men to use all of their vacation days. Well we cannot just sit by and watch that happen! We asked some of out readers about some of there favorite destinations.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands: "Never has there been a more beautiful city with the most interesting people and so much culture and history! Amsterdam is a gem! Rent a bike and ride it everywhere as if it were a car, picnic in one of the many public parks, take a boat tour down the canal and indulge on pancakes and stroopwafels to your hearts content! Amsterdam is known for being one of the most diverse cities in the world and everyone is seems so happy to meet you. If the weather is good, venture out to Joordan to take in their markets or visit the Reiksmuseum to appreciate some Rembrandts.  You'll always find a bar or club open for an evening delight, and if you're "adventurous", you'll find lots of extracurricular activities to keep you occupied!" Mark R.
  2. Austin, TX: "Austin is quickly becoming one of THE foodie and music capital of the U.S. Start your day off in Austin with a breakfast tacos from Paco's Tacos. Fill your day up with free roaming peacocks at Mayfield Park, climbing the famous steps of Mt Bonnell for the best view of Austin, lounge around at Barton Springs Pool, and cash in some quarters at Pinballz Arcade. For an afternoon snack, grab a burger at Fran's, Thai food at Titaya's, or Korean BBQ at Korea House. At dawn, head to the Congress Bridge for a view of the millions of bats that fly through. When you're ready for a night out, head to Red River St, 6th St or 4th St for some music, dancing and great drinks. End your night with a freshly made glazed donut at Mrs Johnson's Bakery." Karen L.
  3. Hong Kong: "With Hong Kong's booming economy, impressive skyscrapers, and culture it has earned it's nickname as 'Asia's World City'. For the adventurous type, head to Hong Kong Disneyland or Victoria Peak at night time for a great view of the city. For those who want to relax, Repulse Bay has great ocean front restaurants to grab a drink in between swimming sessions. The Kwun Yam Shrine is near by and has beautiful mosaic Tao shrines. And the shopping! From 10 story buildings with shops on every corner to the high end luxury stores at Pacific Place, you'll be able to find everything you're looking for." Agnes L.
  4. Madison, WI: "The city of Madison sits between lakes Mendota and Monona; the breeze from the lakes makes for great summer weather. While in Madison explore the University of Wisconsin Madison and be sure to hit up Babcock Hall Dairy Store which offers milk, ice cream, and cheese made from cows on campus. State Street connects the campus to the state capital. Along the way you'll find restaurants, shops, and the farmers market on Capital Square." Tarin C.
  5. Melbourne, Australia: "During the summer, the Night Market is the place to be on Wednesday night. Here you'll find live music and countless food trucks. Pick up some pasta from some That's Amore Cheese and head over to Monique to read your Tarot cards. Rent a car and drive along the Great Ocean Road. You'll start in Torquay, drive 250 kilometers, and end in Warrnambool. Along the way you'll want to make sure you see:  Triplet Falls, Mariners Lookout at Apollo Bay, and the Grotto." Adam V.
  6. Paris, France: "Definitely try to brush up on your French first, but Paris is a lovely city for experiencing the finer things in life! Notre DameThere's so much to see and do here! Take a day hitting the touristy spots like the Eiffel tower, the Lourve, Notre Dame, and Arc de Triomphe. Strap on some comfortable walking shoes and hike to the highest point in the city to experience Sacre Coeur. It's  breathtaking view both inside and out that you won't soon forget! Paris at night is incredible as well! Visit the Le Marais for some hopping clubs and bars and great street food and people watching.  If you have the change, venture out to Versaille to view the famous palace paved in gold, the expertly groomed gardens, and Marie Antoinette's quarters. It will take you several hours to experience it all, but it will be worth it!" Kristain J.
  7. Peru: "From the Plaza Mayor del Cusco to El Parque del Amor in Lima, there is so much culture and life in Peru! Whether its by train, bus, or foot (Inca Trail!) you have to make the trip to Machu Picchu. Everyone has seen pictures of this great wonder, but to see it in person is breathtaking. One- third of Peru's population lives in Lima, so there's is something for everyone in the big bustling capital! Some cool places include: Plaza de Armas - where you can view the Government Palace and  Cathedral of Lima, or spend an afternoon surfing at Costa Verde. Be sure to enjoy a pisco sour while dining on ceviche before you leave." Allie K.
  8. Sedona, AZ: "Sedona is famous for it's beautiful hiking areas. From Red Rock State Park, Oak Creek Canyon, and Slide Rock State Park you have many options to keep active. If you are interested in seeing the sites but hiking isn't exactly you're thing, take a ride in the Pink Jeep Tour for some high adventure off road fun. They offer several tours so everyone can find something to fit their fancy. After a long day of exploring, you can sit back with some vino. The Verde Valley Wine Trail connects seven, yes you read that right...SEVEN, wineries." Jacey F.
  9. Siesta Key, FL: "Siesta Key is a picture perfect beach vacation. Located right off the Gulf of Mexico, the lush white sand beach and clear blue water make for a great Instagram post! Along the coast you can find locals and tourists snorkeling, fishing, playing volleyball, and doing stand up paddle boarding. At night, do some shopping and grab a drink and dinner at St. Armands Circle." Troy D.
  10. Wurzburg, Germany: "Germany is a great place to travel when you want to feel like you're surrounded by culture, diversity, and also a little bit of the familiar. But if you get a chance, venture to the Bavarian regions and visit the small historic town of Wurzburg. The baroque architecture is unmatched and you can even tour the Residence palace that was bombed at the start of World War II. Wurzburg is in Germany's wine country, so you can rent wine glasses and get them filled at all of the wine bars as you walk around the city. Day drinking at it's finest!" Erin M.

Having a work-life balance allows you to not only have fun, but makes you better at what you do. Cash in those vacation days and let your wanderlust introduce you to some incredible experiences!

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