Cultivating Career Confidence

Cultivating Career Confidence

     Cultivating Career Confidence

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I love January!

In January, it seems as people have a new energy and commitment to trying something new or starting over. They make resolutions. They break resolutions. They pick up a new habit. They put down a bad one. They decide to start over. And no matter what your view is on resolutions overall, goal setting is scientifically proven to enhance your focus. I commend anyone who sets a goal and chases it!

But do you know another reason why I love January? I love January because [drum roll please] January is #NationalMentoringMonth! January is that time where we publicly acknowledge those people who help us to achieve our goals! You see, one of the things that I believe without any doubt is that we get to where we want to be with the help of others.  It brings me great pride to not only be a mentor, but to celebrate those who continue to cultivate me throughout my career.

You might be thinking “I’m an independent woman who doesn’t need a mentor”! But you do! Trust me, sis, you do! Because one day you’re going to be between a rock and a hard place and you may be able to carry all of your groceries in on one trip, but you’re going to need someone who has been in your position before.  You’ll need someone to help you think through the pros and cons of a career-changing, or even life-changing decision! I fact, I set up an emergency meeting with my mentor last week just so I could validate whether or not I was crazy to be anxious about something I learned in a meeting at work! Big or small, Mentors help us to develop, challenge our thinking, talk us down from a ledge, and even push us to the top of the pile. And if your mentor is exceptionally bad (in the bad = really really good way) your mentor will also tell you where you have negative gaps.  I don’t trust when people tell me I’m great all the time! I need that support system that says, “you do x, y, and z very well and I’m proud of you, but let’s focus on where you can stand to get better this year.”  You can only grow outside of your comfort level and I honor any mentor who helps stretch us to become what we have the potential to be.

Suited & Savvy is all about mentorship! We started out as a mentor/mentee relationship and then realized that regardless of our current or aspirational level, we all have something to offer to women at every stage of professional development.  I started mentoring well before I thought I was “worthy” of the title. But I quickly learned that I had knowledge, tools, and wisdom that I could pass down to women who would come after me.  We want to provide this to you, so if you don’t have a mentor, contact us! No seriously, contact us now! Not having a mentor is like rock-climbing without a harness. Can you do it? I mean, yeah. But is it smart? No. Not smart at all. Mentors (and harnesses) save lives!

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