Cultivating Career Confidence

Cultivating Career Confidence

     Cultivating Career Confidence


Suited & Savvy is a social platform that empowers career-minded women to share the wisdom and insights learned throughout our careers. We aim to connect you with the tools, resources, and curated content that can help you set and achieve your goals. Our community is designed to foster mentorship at any stage with the belief that we can “give as we grow” and provide the advice we wished someone had given to us! As we seek amazing women to fill us with inspiration and guidance to propel us toward success, we must also keep those lessons flowing into those who will come after us.  Starting as a single mentor/mentee relationship early in our career, we found that a lot lessons could be transferred while in transit. No one has all of the answer, but all of us have the answer to some! We believe in shared experiences. When we commit to supporting each other, we create a mentoring mentality and grow professionally….together.


We want to create a world where pursuing our passion is limitless…where women no longer question possibility, but we become it!


• We are VISIONARY, focusing on what can be instead of how things are.

• We aim to be SUITED with the tactical skills needed for success and smart about when to use them.

• We ASPIRE to grow while cultivating a community that pursues our passions.

• We are RESILIENT in acknowledging that you have to be challenged to grow.

• We are aware of ourselves and our surrounding. We strive to be SAVVY, open, and intentional in all situations.

• We are CONFIDENT in our value and that we belong.

• We are AUTHENTIC with our interactions, offering the best of ourselves to better one another.


        "I cannot thank my SuitedandSavvy mentor enough for all of the support and  guidance she has provided for me. I've learned to think deeply about my  passions and goals and had fun along the way!" - Allison K.

    "I can't thank [my mentor] enough! I don't think I would have made it through a crazy year at my job without help staying one step ahead and being strategic about my plans" - Katie R.

    "I learned how to stand up for myself and I know that's what helped me get a promotion on my job!" - Kelly S.

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